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Welcome to Roscoe Guitars home on the world wide web. You may have noticed there are some significant additions and changes to the Roscoe Guitars electric bass line. Adding to the many changes is the new shop that is significantly larger, allowing us to acquire and even larger selection of tone woods as well as giving us room for our new PLEK Work Station and new CNC machine. Everything is on the move here at Roscoe Guitars.

Roscoe Basses


Roscoe Guitars Classic JJ & PJ bass guitars.

Roscoe Guitars Classic headstock

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Roscoe Guitars now utilizes the PLEK Work Station!

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In addition to using the Plek Work Station for production (extremely accurate leveling of fingerboards, precise fret and nut slotting, perfect fret leveling), we also offer Plek services for existing instruments as well! Not just Roscoe basses (and guitars), but any guitar or bass. For a Roscoe instrument the cost is $200, for a non-Roscoe instrument, it is $250. If you are interested in setting up the best fret dress - or even making your fretless play better than ever - please contact us either by email (, or call us at the shop (336.274.8810) to make arrangements to take your bass or guitar from playing great to playing perfect!